The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self Care: 25 Tools to Achieve Anything
Contributing Author – Chapter 9: Listen to Your Body Wisdom – Transform Energy Blockages Through Movement

You can hear my reading of Chapter 9: Listen to Your Body Wisdom – Transform Energy Blockages Through Movement

“Although I read your chapter twice I must say being read to was really very special. It was heartfelt. It had your vocal energy as well as written. It was touching and powerful.” ~ Geralyn Sorensen

“I actually got a whole lot more from listening to you read it then I did from my first time read through it. I thought you did a delightful job of reading it and making that chapter come alive.” ~Carol Villavicencio

Seeking Serenity:
How to Find Your Inner Calm and Joy

How do you respond to the roller coaster of life?

Does shouting at your kids give you stress headaches?

Do you forget to take care of yourself?

Do other people’s emotional dramas leave you feeling depleted?

Are you ready to find more peace, joy and satisfaction in your life?

In this book, Leah Skurdal shares valuable skills she has gained over 25 years of experience finding her inner calm.  Leah learned through years of practice how to balance family life and work life with her spiritual life to create more joy, peace and harmony.

In this guidebook for finding your natural state of inner calm, you will learn tools to

  • Calm down before you blow up
  • Quit adding to the emotional drama
  • Heal your tension headache and stress stomach ache
  • Listen with your heart so you make higher level decisions
  • Get out of fear and into what you love
  • Connect to your Higher Purpose

This book is full of amusing, quirky, powerful stories and life-changing exercises that you can apply in your life today. Get started now creating more of what you DO want in your life!

To talk about your journey, text Leah at 612-900-0056. She loves to work with people who want to get amazing results.

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Leah Skurdal is a spiritual teacher, healer, speaker and author. She works with aware people to strengthen their intuitive abilities, connect with Soul, and live more joy-filled lives. As a speaker, Leah offers an insightful look at living as a spiritual being having a physical experience.

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