Intuitive Eating for Inner Resilience:
Stress Eating is not Self-Care
Tuesday, August 16, 7-8pmCT

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Tune in and listen to your body wisdom to discern which foods serve your individual wellbeing and which foods do not. Avoid emotional eating during stressful times. Your blood type, Ayurvedic body type, season of the year and season of your life all affect which foods are right for you now. Tune your dial to your unique frequency to combine your spiritual wisdom with your body wisdom to enhance your wellbeing. Align your food choices with body, emotions, mind and spirit.

This is the first class in an experiential series to build resilience. Explore ways to reconnect to your natural state of inner wellbeing and inner resilience so you can manage stress effectively. You have the resources within to cope with life’s challenges – even when you cannot change the circumstances. What pulls you off track emotionally and how can you restore your inner harmony?
Bring a journal and come as you are.

Cost – By donation
Value – $90


Mid-Week Reset Meditation
First and Third Wednesdays, 8:30-9amCT / 9:30-10amET

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The Midweek Reset Meditations are a safe space to tap into your inner individual wellbeing and connect with a powerful collective of high vibe people.

I’m thrilled to be able guide sensitive, high vibe people to tap into their creative inner resilience and navigate these transformational times with grace, ease, joy and flow. It’s not enough for me to be feeling fine all by myself. I’m passionate about creating sacred space for others to shine their brilliant light in the world.

I know you’ve been accumulating tinder in your heart for a very long time. Let’s create an environment together where your heart’s tinder gets ignited into a flame of wellbeing and passion for life.

Participants have reported that even if they can’t attend live, they receive peaceful, uplifting feelings from listening to the recordings.

Together, our group vibration creates a strong energetic tone that translates to the recording so you can listen multiple times whenever you would like an energy boost.

Here’s what participants have been saying:

From the West Coast: “It was a great reset and wonderful start to my day Leah. Thank you.” Janette Stewart

From the East Coast: “The meditation was just what I needed to reset and lift the exhaustion from a busy four days.  Leah, I love the peace and calm you bring into the meditation.  I also love the collective energy of the group that you summon.” Sharon Randall

Cost: The Wellness for All programming in partnership with The Wellness Universe is offered on a pay-as-you-can-donation basis so the transformative wellbeing programs are truly available to all.
Value: $30 per session

Resilience for Harmony: Tools, Tips & Exercises for Well-being

Saturday, September 10, 2022 
10-11:30amET / 9-10:30amCT / 8-9:30amMT / 7-8:30amPT

Improving our resilience reduces stress and
our response to the world when we are challenged
is centered, grounded, and harmonious.

Resilience is not a luxury. We all deserve to be living from a calm, centered space no matter what life throws at us. Resilience doesn’t always show up as a first reaction. Our flight, fight, freeze, fawn response kicks in as a survival mechanism. We all need tools and strategies to meet life where it takes us and pivot our life to what we desire to experience.

What can we implement as a daily practice to be more resilient?

What can we do to identify a situation that has rocked us?

What can we do in the moment we are caught off-guard to respond from an empowered, centered space?

Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, low in your emotional reserves, quick to not accept what is happening, reacting to situations with regret or anger?

Do you seek more balance, peace, joy, and harmony in your life, no matter the circumstances?

If you find your energy reserves low and literally anything can tip you over the edge casting you into an emotional downward spiral, or worse, finding yourself damaging your most precious relationships, and not acting like yourself with those you love, you are invited to join us.

The strategies and conversations during our 90-minutes together will give you the opportunity to participate in self-care and resilience building exercises in our interactive workshop style event.

Learn More about our presenters and Register for Resilience for Harmony –

Cost: The Wellness for All programming in partnership with The Wellness Universe is offered on a pay-as-you-can-donation basis so the transformative wellbeing programs are truly available to all.
Value – $176

The Art of Jazz Living:
Overcoming Challenges with Grace, Ease & Joy

Starting soon

Life’s challenges can feel overwhelming during these uncertain times.

How do you:

maintain your grounding when the rug gets pulled out from under you?

respond to stress without hurting your loved ones?

hear your inner wisdom through all the outer noise?

speak your truth with inner authority?

promote harmony with the people around you?

In the Art of Jazz Living, we help people tap into their vibrant inner resources to navigate uncertainty and change.

We practice integrating five themes from jazz music into daily life to:

  • uplevel your stress response,
  • improve your relationships,
  • bring your unique song out to the world,
  • and harmonize with others.

Each of the six weeks includes time for movement, meditation,
journaling, individual sharing and community building.

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Leah Skurdal is a spiritual teacher, healer, speaker and author. She works with aware people to strengthen their intuitive abilities, connect with Soul, and live more joy-filled lives. As a speaker, Leah offers an insightful look at living as a spiritual being having a physical experience.

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