Coming in 2022
The Art of Jazz Living:
Overcoming Challenges with Grace, Ease & Joy

Life isn’t lived by recipe. Real like is more life jazz.  Learn 5 principles of jazz music for daily living & improvise through these transformative times. 

Raise Your EQ
Free Master Class
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Raise Your EQ – Emotional Intelligence
What emotional baggage weighs you down?
Ready to stop carrying those heavy rocks of fear, anger, resentment, betrayal, and abandonment around with you?
Raise your Emotional Intelligence and relieve yourself of those burdens.

You are invited to attend the Raise Your EQ free Master Class where you will learn three transformative tools to:

  • uplevel your emotional response to stay calm in the storms of life;
  • respond to stressful feelings and help lower anxiety and suffering;
  • deepen connections to your loved ones and improve your relationships.

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Your Inner Healer
Free Master Class
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Strengthen your connection to your inner healer. Your natural state of inner well-being is available to you 24/7.

In this free Master Class:

  • learn about and experience your energy bio-field;
  • practice simple guided imagery to align with your natural healing ability;
  • allow Divine Love to guide your Soul and ego for your highest good and healing;
  • feel more like your true self

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Leah Skurdal is a spiritual teacher, healer, speaker and author. She works with aware people to strengthen their intuitive abilities, connect with Soul, and live more joy-filled lives. As a speaker, Leah offers an insightful look at living as a spiritual being having a physical experience.

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