Extravaganza Well-Being Special

$100 off an Energy Healing session

Hello Extravaganza Friends! I’m glad we met!
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You’re invited to take advantage of my Extravaganza Energy Healing special session prices –
One-to-one session – $150 (Save $100 – $250 Value)
3 one-to-one sessions – $450  (Save $300 – $750 Value)

Trace disharmony in your life to the ancestral roots. Work with a wise ancestor to uplift the vibration for your ancestral line. Be a pattern breaker!

Experience more grace, ease and joy in your life!

Clients say:

“Through working with Leah, I have increased confidence to find my inner power and strength when confronted with emotional hardships.”

“I highly recommend working with her if you are ready to expand into new possibilities or gain resilience in your career or personal life.”

“What a powerful session yesterday! Something has definitely shifted for me, my energy feels clean and seem to be feeling the joy that I am. Thank you!”

“I’ve never felt so in my body. I’ve never felt so aware of me. It feels right and natural.”

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Coming in January, 2022 – a 5-week virtual community experience:
The Art of Jazz Living: Overcoming Challenges with Grace, Ease and Joy

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Leah Skurdal is a spiritual teacher, healer, speaker and author. She works with aware people to strengthen their intuitive abilities, connect with Soul, and live more joy-filled lives. As a speaker, Leah offers an insightful look at living as a spiritual being having a physical experience.

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