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Leah Skurdal is an inspirational speaker, teacher, healer and author who motivates and amuses audiences with her insightful look at living as a spiritual being having a physical experience. Leah encourages people to Toggle, or shift the screen of their awareness, from the outer ego to inner soul, and thereby live with greater grace, joy and ease.

Contact Leah for her speaking availability at your next conference, workshop or lunch meeting. Call or text 612.900.0056

Leah Skurdal has been an invited motivational and inspirational speaker at conferences, workshops, and luncheons for over 20 years, presenting at:

  • Anoka-Hennepin Community Education
  • Anoka-Ramsey Community College, Complementary and Alternative Medicine Club
  • Business Women’s Network
  • Business and Professional Women, Minnesota State Conference
  • Cancer Resource Center, Mercy & Unity Hospitals
  • Centennial Area Community Education
  • Emma B. Howe Northtown Family YMCA
  • Lakes Area Women in Business
  • Minnesota Conference on Volunteerism
  • Open U, Inc.
  • Parliament for the World’s Religions, Toronto, Ontario
  • Skyway Business and Professional Women
  • Spring Lake Park Independent School District 16
  • Unity North Spiritual Center
  • Wedge Community Co-op
  • Whole Life Expo
  • Women & Spirituality Conference

Soul Cookies by Leah Skurdal

Grandmother Wisdom by Leah Skurdal

All Business Media FM Internet Radio Show

The Professional’s Roundtable

Click the links below to hear Leah share her insights on well-being.

9/25/18 30-Minute Interview with Rick Delgado: Access Your Spiritual Gifts and Talents

9/18/18 30-Minute Interview with Rick Delgado: Transforming Negativity

9/11/18 30-Minute Interview with Rick Delgado: Being Intentional

9/04/18 30-Minute Interview with Rick Delgado: Mindfulness

8/27/18 30-Minute Interview with Rick Delgado: Relationship With Yourself

8/06/18 30-Minute Interview with Rick Delgado: Relationships and Self-Forgiveness

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Weekly Wellness Wisdom

Click the links below to see five-minute video clips on wellness.

10/24/18 Spiritual Pilates

9/19/18 Navigating Change

9/12/18 Self-Forgiveness

9/07/18 Self-Love

8/22/18 Sleep

8/09/18 Vibration

8/01/18 In the Flow

7/25/18 Intention Part Two

7/25/18 Intention Part One

7/18/18 Minding Your Thoughts

6/27/18 Nutrition

6/20/18 Body Blessing

6/14/18 Balance Activity with Relaxation

6/06/18 Grounding

5/30/18 Self Healing

5/02/18 Transform Negative Relationships to Positive

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Leah Skurdal is a spiritual teacher, healer, speaker and author. She works with aware people to strengthen their intuitive abilities, connect with Soul, and live more joy-filled lives. As a speaker, Leah offers an insightful look at living as a spiritual being having a physical experience.

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